You've marveled at the very first trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium — now let's pick it apart, and discover all the glorious futuristic shots and plot details. Be warned, spoilers ahead...

We went though frame-by-frame and picked out everything we could find that perked out interest or just our love of space porn.

Elysium! The city space station for the wealthy.

Another shot of the really Halo-esque city. Blomkamp is just really telling Microsoft to stick it right up their rears with this city, ain't he?


An interior shot of an Elysium home.

Complete with droid butler.

And a machine that will scan any problems inside your wealthy body.

Including cancer!

And then it magically future-sciences the cancer away with lights.... BOOM, problem solved.

Meanwhile, back in the Hell formerly known as Earth... (It really looks a little Mega-City One here doesn't it?)

The rest of the poor population is running for (what we're assuming is) water.

And they live in filth on an overcrowded desert planet.

Something happens to main character Matt Damon (Max) and he's got to get to Elysium. And we know he's got limited time left, so he's desperate. Which means that he's gotta turn to the underground secret society of the future ruined Earth. There they tell him to hijack an Elysium senior person, download his brain, and sneak onto Elysium. But he's weak, and there are a lot of droids between Max and the Halo-esque sanctuary — so they outfit him with a harness.

And drill it right into his bones.

And hands.

And head.

Meanwhile this little map from Elysium shows where Max and friends are from. It looks like South America.

Another gratuitous ring world shot.

The first droid attacks Max.

Max retaliates.

By ripping its head off.

So Elysium (specifically head of security Jodie Foster) calls in her Earth-bound fail safe, Sharlto Copley.

Who can apparently control objects with his hands — using magnet gloves?

Everyone is afraid of this guy — and no kidding, because he has a bad ass sword.

First good shot of Jodie Foster's character Secretary Rhodes.

Looks like things are going well for Max, because now Elysium droids have kidnapped someone's kid. Max's...daughter?

Another excellent gun from Blomkamp. Damn, this guy knows how to make a weapon.

Bugatti Plane.

Looks like the little girl might need some help as well from Elysium, note the crutches.

Close call? Laser blast? Sharlto's death? We don't know.

Max and his newly implanted head gear stare at the remains of a downed space craft. Seems like he's ok with burning this place to the ground.