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Scream Queens' Title Sequence Confirms a Lot of Screaming Is Going On

If this opening credits sequence is anything to go by, Scream Queens is going to be bloody with a very large dose of knowing winks and nods to its spiritual predecessors. Hell, these credits have literal winks and nods.


Let’s see, we’ve got fire, knives, rope, golf clubs, plastic bags, axes, bathtubs, a literal woman in a fridge, buried alive in a coffin ...

And a buttload of characters to kill off. Actually, the other thing the credits sequence does is seem to tell us that most of the other people we know are showing up in Scream Queens—our Ariana Grandes and Nick Jonases and what have you—are likely not long for this world. No matter how many episodes Imdb lies and says they’re in.


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Is anyone else getting really tired of shoving everything up its own ass these days? “Haha, get it? Horror movies are stupid. Good thing you’re not stupid because you’re watching this, and not a stupid horror movie!”