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Scream Queens Has Been Renewed, But It's Leaving College Behind

Illustration for article titled iScream Queens/i Has Been Renewed, But Its Leaving College Behind

Like a masked killer who won’t stay dead, Scream Queens will be back for a second season. But we won’t have to spend any more time on the dreaded Wallace University campus, because the new series will be set at a hospital—a pretty natural choice for Ryan “American Horror Story: Asylum” Murphy.


The Twitter announcement, which cheerfully refers to fans as “idiot hookers,” suggests the tone of the show won’t be changing much, however:


Entertainment Weekly reports that some of the season one cast will return, very possibly playing the same characters. Given how season one ended—with three of the Chanels finding strange delight in their new lives locked up in the local insane asylum—one has to wonder if that’s where season two will pick up.

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Well I’m hoping Dean Munsch, Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell all come back.

The Chanels, too, I guess.