Scrappy Little Flies Save The Apollo 11 Mission

A trio of flies follow their hearts on board NASA's Apollo 11, and end up saving the lives of America's first moon-walkers in the animated movieFly Me To The Moon. Follow Nat, IQ and Scooter as they dream big and end up sharing a space suit with Buzz Aldrin (who voiced his own CGI character). Other familiar voices include Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd. The movie, coming out August 8, is more proof that animated movies are going through a scifi fad, with Wall-E, Space Chimps, Planet 51 and Escape From Planet Earth coming out this year and next. [Fly Me To The Moon]

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Meredith Woerner

@goldfarb: My thoughts exactly. Hopefully these flies actually give their lives to save the astronauts, but are forced to commit suicide on the Moon when they run out of oxygen (much like Space Cowboys). And given the choice of which movie I'd have to watch I'd choose the one with the flies in it.