Scrapped Thundercats test footage reveals a goofball Lion-O and the evil Slithe (UPDATED)

Test footage from the upcoming Thundercats series has leaked. Check out a less than regal Lion-O messing around with the Sword of Omens and an ambush from the villainous Slithe. Between this footage and the series' Pokémony take on the once loquacious Snarf, how are you feeling about this? UPDATE: It looks like this is from an abandoned Thundercats CG movie from a couple years back. A curiosity, yes, but not from the new series.

[Footage via Flixist via Bleeding Cool]


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Jack B. Quick

I don't get the hate, I thought this was seriously well done, and even liked it better than the anime-style result we're actually getting. The CG was great, I didn't really think the dialogue was that bad (one has to wonder whether or not anyone actually remembers what 80s cartoon dialogue was really like), and as for Lion-O being douchy, well, that's pretty much the point since this was obviously an origin story and he's supposed to be a bit immature. Oh well, milage varying and all, I liked it.