Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

This morning's piping hot helping of spoilers include some new details about Star Trek... and a very bizarre rumor about the hard-drinking Montgomery Scott, played by Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz). We also have some bizarre and awesome new details about Paul W.S. Anderson's Death Race and a tidbit about Wolverine. And we have new Lost spoilers, plus two new clips. It's all because we're fighting for a spoil! Or something.

  • You may have heard that Greg Ellis (who just appeared in Knight Rider) will be Olsen, the Enterprise's chief engineer in the new Star Trek movie. But here are more details: Simon Pegg's Scotty will take over as engineer at some point during the film, just as Kirk takes over as captain from Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood). We may actually see Scotty as a civilian for part of the movie. And rumor has it that Scotty has "a midget sidekick." Who, one hopes, can hold his/her Scotch. [TrekMovie]
  • Some more details about Death Race from star Jason Statham: It's not really a "remake" of the Roger Corman classic, so much as a "tribute" to it. Statham is an inmate who's a few weeks away from parole, until he's forced to take part in a deadly cross-country race by the prison warden (Joan Allen). The cars, built by inmates, include ejector seats (yes!) and spray oil and napalm. Rock on! [SliceofSciFi and SciFi Wire]


Another mutant we'll meet in Wolverine: Wraith aka Kestrel, played by hip-hop star Wraith is part of the Weapon X team, along with Wolverine, Silver Fox, Sabretooth, Maverick and Mastodon. [IESB]

  • Lost spoilers: the person who dies in an upcoming episode is an "original 815-er," and his/her death differs from the norm in significant ways. Cynthia Watros will be back as Libby in at least one episode, and possibly more, this season. Also, Ken Leung's Miles is now a "series regular." [Ask Ausiello]
  • And here are two more clips from Thursday's Lost episode, in addition to the two we already posted: [E! Online]