Scottish SF Author Ken MacLeod Talks About the Referendum (He's a No)

This is a fascinating conversation between Scottish SF author Ken MacLeod (Intrusion, The Execution Channel) and British historian Francis Spufford, which took place just a couple of weeks before last night's historic vote on Scottish independence.


MacLeod talks here about his background as a leftist, and why he wants the keep the Union together. He also makes some excellent comments about what it means to create a new state, and how we can't predict what the future might hold for this kind of political entity. If you're wondering what was at stake in the vote last night, this is a thoughtful, interesting discussion that's well worth your time.

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The cow is not allowed

Scottish science fiction author Charles Stross just weighed in as well. He was a 'yes.' He explained why here.

As did non-Scottish author Warren Ellis. 'My own position was, probably, a bit perverse: I love Scotland, and they deserve full self-determination, but I was also really kind of interested to see how weird things might get if they dissolved the UK. It's that destructive side of neophilia that makes conservatives distrust people like me.'