Scottish independence movement leader inspired by Ghosts of Mars

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First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, who is also chief of the separatist Scottish National Party (SNP), has confessed to being a huge Marvel comics fan and a slightly ironic admirer of so-bad-it's-awesome movie Ghosts of Mars. At a Scottish Film Fest event hosted by comic book writer Mark Millar (Kick-Ass), the First Minister said:

Growing up I bought Marvel comics - which was far from cool at the time. My mother was just glad it wasn't Playboy!

After watching a screening of Ghosts of Mars, the John Carpenter flick about (among other things) a lesbian military that runs Mars, Salmond said the movie was one of his favorites, though he did have some criticism:

It could've been great but it wasn't. The film had a lot going for it, although John Carpenter, the director, gave up movie-making for nine years after this . . . In the first ten minutes, a leading man and a leading lady come on to Natasha [Henstridge]'s character. But there's no sex for the rest of the movie. And in the trailers, they could only show the very end scene because she's in a hospital with virtually nothing on.


Completely true.

Finally, Salmond finished his weird public appearance by telling Millar that the one superpowers he'd like to have are the ones that independence would bring to everyone in Scotland. So . . . Scottish independence means superpowers for everybody? That's a pretty good platform.


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He seems like quite a good guy for a politician. First saw him on the Late Late Show when it went to Scotland and then again when he came on the show back in LA. I think the Scots would be fools to leave the UK, but as an American what I think really doesn't matter. I have to say that if they do get superpowers for leaving the UK, then I guess I can understand their wanting to do so.