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Scott Pilgrim artist kills all the kids in this Battle Royale poster

Illustration for article titled emScott Pilgrim/em artist kills all the kids in this emBattle Royale/em poster

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley teamed up with the illustrious Kevin Tong to create this adorably homicidal promo poster for Battle Royale.


The poster is being used to promote Tugg, a service that lets people request screenings of movies at local theaters. It appears that a certain number of posters will be available with tickets for Tugg-enabled screenings Battle Royale, starting with a screening Saturday, February 16th, in Houston. Those of us who don't get local screenings will just have to enjoy the student-on-student violence on our computer screens.


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I have not seen this movie, partly because I don't know how I'd feel watching kids killing each other (I have a 13 year old) but EVERYONE tells me it's really good. *conflicted*