Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour is on sale today! Will Scott find Ramona? What's Gideon Graves' master scheme? Will Sex Bob-omb stop sucking? All this and Alan Moore's long-awaited H.P. Lovecraft comic, Neonomicon.

First off, the big news this week is the conclusion of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. When we last saw Toronto's most lovelorn slacker, Scott had received a genial death threat from Ramona's final ex, the enigmatic Gideon Graves. Also, where did Ramona go, and why does her head emit a bizarre halo of light? This is MY PICK OF THE WEEK, PART 1. Although we're sad to see the series wrap up, we're heartened by the prospect of a few more zingers from a drunk Wallace Wells.


What other titles are out this week?

True Blood 1 (IDW): Alan Ball co-penned this miniseries about Sookie and the gang. Will Eric be just as dreamy as a cartoon?


Amazing Spider-Man 638 (Marvel): Joe Quesada pens the "One Moment In Time" story arc, which explains why Peter and Mary Jane's nuptials went kaput prior to "One More Day."

Welcome To Tranquility: One Foot In The Grave 1 (DC/Wildstorm): Gail Simone revisits the Wildstorm Universe's superhuman suburbia in this new miniseries.


Marvelman Classic Primer 1 (Marvel): A crash course in the confusing history of Marvelman. Interestingly enough, the solicit reads, "We'll check in with Mick Anglo, Neil Gaiman and others who contributed to this character's history over the years." Could we see a big announcement at Comic-Con?

X-Men Phoenix Force Handbook (Marvel): After the eleventh hour reveal in Second Coming, this one-shot is your guide to all things Phoenix.

Time Masters: Vanishing Point 1 (DC): Dan Jurgens helms this new miniseries that spins off of The Return of Bruce Wayne.


GI Joe Cobra II 6 (IDW): Mike Costa and Christos Gage give Serpentor ā€” the only man (besides Copperhead) who can pull off dressing like a snake ā€” a less ostentatious espionage treatment.

Walking Dead 75 (Image): The community falls apart. Stupid humans. At least the zombies get along.

Air 23 (Vertigo/DC): The penultimate issue of G. Willow Wilson's recently canceled miniseries about an intrepid flight attendant and phantom geography.


CBGB 1 (BOOM!l): Kieron Gillen and Sam Humphries pen this miniseries about New York's famed, defunct punk and new wave club. Gillen penned the io9 favorite Phonogram (another musical comic, albeit about magic), so this looks promising.

Lady Deadpool 1 (Marvel): In an alternate dimension, Deadpool has XX chromosomes, a vendetta with "General America," and a love for pizza and trash television. The tagline? "This Merc with a Mouth packs lipgloss. And it's sticky."


As for the trades, we have the Captain America: Two Americas (Marvel) hardcover, which compiles Ed Brubaker's tale of the chipper-insane 1950s Captain America. There's also the Bad Planet Volume 1 trade paperback (Raw Studios) penned by the unlikely duo of Thomas Jane (Punisher, Hung) and Steve Niles ā€” the story follows a race of arachnid extraterrestrials who crash land on Earth. Finally, there's the Troublemaker graphic novel (Dark Horse) from best-selling crime novelist Janet Evanovich and her daughter Alex.

My SECOND PICK OF THE WEEK is Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows' Neonomicon(Avatar). This miniseries has been in development for a couple years, and we're jazzed to see it finally hit print. It's also being touted as Alan Moore's last comic. In any case, this H.P. Lovecraft-inspired miniseries is a follow-up to Moore's The Courtyard graphic novel, and c'mon ā€” it's Alan Moore and eldritch horror. Those go together like chocolate and peanut butter.


You can find the rest of this week's releases here and your neighborhood comic shop here. Also, if you're in San Diego on Thursday, come by and say hullo to the io9 gang! We'll be talking about some of our favorite scifi at 12:30 PM in room 7AB. For the rest of you big-hearted readers out there, here's a cold beat for these warm days. Happy reading!