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To those who say Scott Pilgrim isn't science fiction, we say: Robotic arms, power-ups, subspace doorways and seriously, just stop talking already. Bryan Lee O'Malley's series about someone fighting (seven evil ex-boyfriends) for true love and the growing up that brings with it has proven itself to be an admittedly-frenetic, contradictory mix of fun and angst, self-mockery and sincerity, and stewing pot of influences from old videogames to Plumtree songs and an increasingly confident, original voice, all the while remaining entertaining, funny and much more subtle than it gets credit for being (It's all about the misdirection). Even as admiration and anticipation for the series has grown, O'Malley has continued to meet, confound and surpass expectations all at the same time, and we'll admit to being metaphorically breathless to see how he wraps everything up in next year's final book. To those who say Scott Pilgrim isn't the comic of the decade...? We're just going to pretend you didn't say something so wrong and move on.


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