Scott Peters Explains Why 4400 People Should Be Abducted

Miss your 4,400 buddies who disappeared, then reappeared with strange powers? Well, never fret — because the entire box set of the The 4400 TV series is out today, and we've got an exclusive clip from the special features, featuring creator Scott Peters explaining how he came to the conclusion that 4400 people needed to go just a little loony.Besides more commentary from Peters on the series, the 15-disc box set also has the show's original pilot episode with commentary, The 4400: The Ghost Season and deleted scenes. Plus there's a special about Promicin, the glowing goo that hooked up to your brain (so to speak) called "Promicin: The Moral Choice" and more audio commentary on the episode "The Great Leap Forward." Now that Peters is destined to remake the other weird present-day TV series, V, I'm really interested at going back and looking at The 4400 again. I'm also dying to see what Peters will bring to the old alien lizard-face classic.

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Remember waaaaay back in time when the nerdscape was claiming Heroes was better than 4400?

I'd never think I'd see this day.

Anyways, 4400 has a teenie budget which made the powers more psychological than physical. Plus there was more of a spiritual/apocalypse plotline going on.