Scorpion Features Another One Of The All-Time Great Fake Hacking Scenes

Last night on Scorpion, our gang of geniuses goes on a cruise ship to deal with some deadly rockets that are being smuggled on it. Which leads to this great scene, where a rocket is going to hit a Navy helicopter in 45 seconds... unless a little kid can hack into a Japanese destroyer in time.

I love everything about the above scene. The two adults try everything they know to use special trojans to get inside the destroyer's launch systems. (Note to Japanese Navy, maybe don't have wifi on your Destroyers next time.) And then... they're stymied. So they hand it over to "Ralphie-boy," who uploads a brand new virus that nobody has ever seen before, and... bam! They shoot down the rocket with just seconds to spare. This makes total sense. It's almost as good as the airplane dropping down with the Ethernet cable.


Last night's Scorpion was the Valentine's Day episode, which meant we also got a focus on relationships. Including a bit where Walter runs into his ex-girlfriend, who's now marrying another guy. And at the end of the episode, he asks her how to avoid the mistakes he made when he was dating her. Her response:

Yep, it's not Walter's fault. No one woman can stimulate his giant brain. It's just the way these geniuses are. Geniuses aren't like the rest of us — they need constant brainsturbation.

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