Image: Syfy
Image: Syfy
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This first glimpse at indie post-apocalypse flick Diverge is heavy on mood and visuals. But you can make out just enough to figure out that one haunted man’s decision leaves the world’s fate hanging in the balance.

Unveiled by Syfy, Diverge focuses on lead character Chris Towne (Ivan Sandomire), who’s survived a global pandemic but is searching for a cure for his wife. Some details from the Syfy post:

Set amid the fallout of a global pandemic that has laid waste to humanity’s cities, the film follows a man as he tries to search for a cure to save his wife, who’s been struck with a lethal virus. After he finds himself held captive by a stranger he encounters, he is faced with a decision that could have a far-reaching impact.


Sandomire is playing the same character across different time periods so it seems like this movie is built around a what-if scenario where his actions are important enough to have far-reaching consequences. It’s a classic time-travel set-up and I’m eager to see what writer-director James Morrison brings to his version of it. Diverge comes out on iTunes on February 6.


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