Scifi Short Movie Mind Machine Is a Very Funny Exploration of Film Obsession

Illustration for article titled Scifi Short iMovie Mind Machine/i Is a Very Funny Exploration of Film Obsession

In Movie Mind Machine, a pair of buddies who love re-watching their favorite movies create a device that wipes their memories clean—so each time they watch, say, Jurassic Park, it feels like it’s for the first time. It’s so much fun they don’t want to spend their time doing anything else.


“Have all those spoilers unspoiled! Have all those repeat viewings undiminished! Feel those feelings again, but for real!” It’s awesome—and includes a montage set to Lionel Richie—until the obsession takes over their lives, and their brains start to melt down from all the weird science.

Comedians Ron Funches and Matt Braunger play the increasingly unhinged (but never not hilarious) cinemaniacs; the film is directed by Maureen Bharoocha, who co-wrote with Eric Cunningham.


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I had this idea! The machine not the short. I’d kill to watch all my favourite movies for the first time again. First thing I’d do if I went to the future is get hold of a marvel/DC boxset probably