Scifi Movie Locations in the Real World

With movies like Speed Racer and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow creating entire scifi landscapes from CGI, it's easy to forget that some of the most futuristic settings for scifi movies are borrowed from the real world. Today Oobject has a terrific collection of photographs of the architectural marvels (and subtle background buildings) that populate scifi movies. Here you can see the BMW building that appears in Rollerball. Check out a few more below.

Below is the Eastern State Penitentiary, where our crazed antihero is sent in 12 Monkeys. Built as a reformist prison by Quakers in the nineteenth century, it was supposed to "cure" people of criminality by isolating them in monk-like cells. Unfortunately, it just made people crazier. The peeling paint looks almost like rotting skin.


And here is the forbidding Alton Estate, used in book-burning dystopia Fahrenheit 451. Though these buildings were originally considered stately and regal, you can see why the filmmakers thought they might also look like the barracks-like housing of a fascist country.

Want to see a dozen more intriguing scifi film settings? Check out Oobject's gallery.


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