Are you being dragged to see the lameass Sex in the City movie tonight at midnight, when you'd rather be playing videogames about aliens? Well, you're in luck. Alan from Geek Squad writes in to tell us that "agents" from Geek Squad will be heading out to several midnight showings of Sex in the City to rescue scifi geeks like me who would much rather be shot by aliens than watch people freak out over wedding dresses. He writes, "Geek Squad is heading to movie theaters in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles with quarters—lots of quarters. Anybody who got dragged to the movie and doesn't want to be there can meet a friendly Geek Squad agent tonight at midnight in select theaters and get quarters for some Area 51 or Time Crisis 4—as well as excuses for why they have to leave the theater." Nice. Now if only we could buy lapdances from the Geek Squad boys with our quarters, my life would be complete.