We've already told you that SARAH, the smart house from SciFi Channel's Eureka, is on Twitter responding to questions and giving out hints about what's to come in the show's third season. But that's nothing compared with the other cross-promotional push that SciFi has in store for the smartest - and now potentially sweetest smelling - small town in America.According to a story in Advertising Age Magazine, the third season of SciFi's quirky drama will see the day being saved not by any of its regular characters... but by a real-life deodorant:

Ads for [Eureka]'s new season have contained the tagline "Over-engineered by the new Degree for Men Absolute Protection," and with good reason. The brand is at the center of the show's consumer-products lab, where the town's residents conduct experiments on new products using high-performing ingredients. One of the innovations the group ends up creating is a next-generation deodorant, which is where Degree comes in. "It's less about stopping you from sweating, but more about saving the world," said Blake Callaway, Sci Fi's VP-brand marketing.


Oh, Blake. Really? Apparently the deodorant, which made its onscreen debut at the end of the first episode of the new season, is there for more than just illustrative purposes:

Later this season, the brand will be fully integrated into the storyline, where "the product is actually going to be the hero," Mr. Callaway said.

While my kneejerk reaction is just to complain bitterly about this kind of thing, I have to admit that Eureka is maybe the one show on the SciFi Channel that could make it work. But if I hear even a rumor about the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica explaining that the Cylon Menace can be placated by Stride Gum, then there'll be trouble. Unilever's Degree Nabs Starring Role on Sci Fi Channel [Advertising Age]

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