Scientists: "Warp Speed Travel? Make It So!"

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In a sobering moment of life imitating William Shatner, scientists plan to meet next week to discuss the possibility of real life warp speed space travel. The British Interplanetary Society's catchily-titled conference, "Faster than Light: Breaking the Interstellar Distance Barrier", aims to raise awareness of what used to be as impossible as the Vulcan nerve pinch and Ricardo Montalban's chest in The Wrath of Khan, according to organizer Kelvin Long:

Historically, black holes and worm holes were not taken seriously. Now, dozens of papers are published every year on these topics. It is desirable for warp field theory to receive similar attention, if we are to realistically appraise its potential.


Finally, Gene Rodenberry's favorite dream that doesn't involve women in short skirts and knee-length boots may come to pass. Flickr image by ckirkman.

Researchers follow the Enterprise and look into warp speed [Guardian Science]

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