Scientists Surprised To Discover Shrimp Deep Beneath the Antarctic Ice

A group of polar scientists were testing out a new method of drilling through layers of ice in the antarctic. When they dropped a camera deep into the dark waters, they were flabbergasted to discover this tiny orange crustacean.

What you're seeing here, and in the movie below, is a camera looking up from inside a hole deep in the ice. The camera is mounted on a pole, which you can also see. The dark, scalloped ridges you see in ice are caused by the special drill the scientists used, which is essentially a jet of warm water that slowly melts the ice away. Once the camera had gone deep enough, they were startled to see this prawn frolicking around the camera - no one had expected any crustaceans beneath the ice in the dark, frozen waters of the antarctic.


Though the crustacean is cool, I love at the end of the video when the camera plunges even more deeply into the water, and you see the hole in the ice getting smaller and smaller as you descend into darkness.

via Science News

Shrimpy surprise from Science News on Vimeo.

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