Scientist Claims That He, In Fact, Is Legend

There are many valid complaints about last year's movie version of I Am Legend - chief amongst them being that Will Smith is no Charlton Heston, I think we'd all agree. But it appears that the medical science of the movie is much more valid than you may have initially thought, if you ignore that whole "People dying off and/or turning into zombies" thing. At least, according to the man who pioneered said science.

Doctor Patrick Lee, of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Dalhousie, was somewhat surprised when he happened to catch I Am Legend on a recent plane flight, and for good reason - That whole thing about the downfall of humanity coming from a specifically-engineered virus created to kill cancer cells? Kind of struck a little too close to home:

Dr. Lee's work involves using a naturally-occurring virus known as "reovirus" to treat cancer... Dr. Lee tested the virus on mice in 1998 with some very promising results. In addition to causing brain tumor cancer cells in mice to shrink, reovirus appeared to seek out other tumors and eliminate them. Meanwhile, right now in the United States and the U.K., independent of Dr. Lee's research, there are already clinical trials underway to test reovirus on humans.


Okay, first off: Why is no-one stopping these clinical trials immediately, having seen how it all turned out in I Am Legend? And secondly, how the hell do you get on a plane showing I Am Legend? Everytime I'm on one, it seems to be some movie about women dying of horrible illnesses or Ice Age.

When Sci-Fi Meets Reality [Natural News]

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