Scientific Proof that Having Money Makes People More Evil?

Research published a while ago shows that people who have lots of money behave less ethically — and are less generous — than people who have less. This video from the PBS Newshour makes a pretty alarming case that money actually erodes your morals.

Among other things, drivers of luxury cars are way less likely to stop for pedestrians at a crosswalk. And they're four times more likely to cheat in a card game if there's a $50 voucher at stake. And richer people took twice as much candy from poor children than regular people.


But the kicker comes when the experimenters test out a "rigged" Monopoly game in which one person starts out with way more money — that person invariably wins the game, of course, but the surprise is that they insist they won fair and square. As though even a temporary advantage in Monopoly money turns you into an elitist. [Fast Co. Design]

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