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A Japanese brewery has just released a beer made from barley grown by cosmonauts onboard the International Space Station. Does this mean that the International Space Station has finally proven to have a purpose after all?


The beer - appropriately called "Space Barley" - has been produced by Sapporo Breweries, who may be missing the unique selling point, if this quote from Strategy Managing Director Junichi Ichikawa is anything to go by:

There's really no beer like it because it uses 100 per cent barley. Our top seller is the Black Label brand, using additional ingredients such as rice. This one doesn't, and is really a special beer.


Also, the barley was grown in space. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that the 100% barley thing is important to some people, but the important part of the beer's name? It's not the second half. Don't expect this to start an International Space Brewery, however; ISS cosmonaut Boris Morukov is being a killjoy:

I think we would try to grow potatoes as food, not for vodka production.

Image from Astronauts In Trouble.

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