Science proves that getting silicone injected directly into your body is a bad idea

I'm not really sure who needs to be reminded of this, but here it goes. Getting a gray-market silicone injection to improve your body is not a good thing. In fact, it's quite deadly. A group of presenters at CHEST 2011, the 77th annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians, have all reported death or near death encounters involving silicone use.

While the stuff is chemically inert and used in some medical implants, its use in cosmetic surgery is rare. And in the non-sterile environments of improper surgery, it can cause nerve and respiratory system damage. It's especially bad when injected into soft tissue to add mass.


So why is this enough of a problem that we need to issue this warning? Earlier this year, a young British woman with aspirations to become a hip-hop star flew to Philadelphia and paid £1,000 to a person in a hotel to inject her in order to get a large enough booty to become famous. She is thought to have been injected with industrial rather than medical silicone and unfortunately died and a former Miss Argentina likewise died after a similar procedure .

Women aren't the only ones doing this either, and some men use it to enhance the size of their junk [ed: really, really NSFW].

In fact, the illegal use of silicone seems to be on the rise, and the dangers are numerous.

If you really, really want cosmetic surgery, don't get it done on the cheap.


Corpore Metal

Seriously? The conference is called "CHEST?" And they're talking about the dangers of silicone in your body, and most likely your boobs? I'm I the only one spotting the irony here?

Anyway, it's just sad that so many people are unhappy with the appearance of their bodies that they feel they have to insert plastic objects into it to change their appearance. I suppose I could rattle on about people's shallowness but I guess we really can't do anything about that, can we? I wish we could, but since people spend billions on harmful diets, stomach stapling, stapling doll hair into their bald pates and zillions of other insane and hideous procedures.

So instead I can rattle on out about the truly primitive state of cosmetic medicine where we can't literally re-write their bodies from the DNA molecules on up to give them the bodies they think they need. Instead we're stuck in this brutal craft which is barely better than sawing off legs and giving you wooden ones.

And these hideous travesties are going to go on as long as medicine is so primitive and people are so shallow.