Science Proves 3-D Movies Hurt Your Brain

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We knew it: 3-D films are trying to kill you with migraines and crappy vision. A new study proves the relationship between 3-D and headaches. But will this stop Hollywood's slate of 32 (and counting) upcoming 3-D films?


A study at the University of California Berkeley found that 3-D movies can cause eyestrain along with headaches. Apparently, 3-D doesn't allow our eyes to "follow the rules" because we're busy focusing on things both far and near at the same time, hence the headaches and blurred vision. Professor Martin Banks explained this to VOA Health.

"You're taking that normal relationship which has been coupled in the brain for years and you're changing it. And what we showed is that can cause fatigue."

Not only that, 3-D is worse for your children and the youth of tomorrow, because younger viewers are far more susceptible to the ill effects of 3-D:

"When you hit your 50s and 60s, we think that concern is going to be reduced...So that is probably more problematic for young adults, teenagers, et cetera."

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I myself am a long-term sufferer of 3-D fatigue, and while it's fun to slap on the old glasses now and again, my heart is filled with dread by the band-wagoning approach Hollywood has had with 3-D since Avatar hit big. There are already 32 films slated to have 3-D releases, and that's just as of today.


3D 2010:

Clash of the Titans
Alice In Wonderland
Despicable Me
Piranha 3D *
How To Train Your Dragon
Toy Story 3
Shrek Forever After
Hubble 3-D
Cats Vs. Dogs 2
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1
Tron Legacy
The Gate
The Hole
Rapunzel - Tangled
Guardians of the Ga'hoole


Cowboys and Aliens
Zombieland 2
Transformers 3
Underworld 4
Erector Set Film
The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn
Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil
Journey to the Center of the Earth 2
Tim Burton's Frankenweenie
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Avatar 2
The Smurfs 3D

Unconfirmed 3D Possibilities:
Captain America
Green Lantern

Sadly it would seem as if 3D is here to stay. And your brain and eyes will just have to take the pain.


*might actually not be 3-D, even though it's titled Piranha 3-D.
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I wear glasses and do not have contacts, I can't watch 3D movies. Have you tried putting on 3D glasses on top of real ones? Does. Not. Work.