Batman invaded by nanotechnology killing him from within! Size-changing physicists and kings of Atlantis shrink down and swim inside his bloodstream to save him! It can only be the latest episode of Brave and Bold.

Tonight's episode, "Journey To The Center Of The Bat," marries the sci-fi appeal of the Atom - whose size-changing powers come from a supersuit powered by an white-dwarf asteroid (Don't think about it too much) - and the mysticism of Aquaman, boastful king of Atlantis. The result is something for everyone - especially when you learn that the villain of the week is The Brain, the disembodied brain of a scientific genius from 1960s classic comic The Doom Patrol. Is there any way this series can get any more awesome?


Batman: The Brave And The Bold airs tonight at 8pm on Cartoon Network.

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