Science Finally Answers: Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through A Brick Wall?

We've seen it happen time and again in commercials: a six-foot-tall pitcher of walking, talking Kool-Aid bursts through a brick wall, bellowing his trademark, "Oh yeah!" But could he really do it without completely cracking up?


Vsauce looks at the science behind Kool-Aid Man's wall-bursting habits, considering how his glass body would stack up against a brick wall. It's a fun bit of speculation, but by far the best part is seeing Kool-Aid Man reacting to the loss of his Kool-Aid "blood."

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

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A few assumptions:

1. The only real problem is they assume Kool-Aid is his blood, when he could be a magically created glass golem that is simply used for transport of products. In that case, the contents of his body are irrelevant.

2. They assume he's made of glass, when he could be made of any transparent material, even a material much more durable than glass.