Science Fiction Was Made For Radio, BBC Says

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BBC Radio is launching a huge science fiction "drama season" that will span three stations in the month of March: Radio 3, Radio 4, and BBC 7. Audio plays, including adaptations of Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama and Iain M. Banks' State Of The Art (adapted by Paul Cornell), will air during Radio 3's Afternoon Play, Classic Serial and Women's Hour timeslots. Meanwhile, BBC 7 will launch a new 10-part audio series called Planet B. The BBC's Jeremy Howe says the initiative is all about celebrating "contemporary science fiction," not chestnuts. And he says radio is the "natural home" of writers like Clarke and William Gibson, who've created "fantastic works of the imagination." [The Stage]



The times I have listened to sci-fi on the radio its been terribly overacted.

Generaly I find you could get away with just a slightly modified soundtrack style to a tv show. But more often then not it really trys to overcompansate for the lack of visuals by having everyone really emotional tones of voice all the time.