Science Fiction Nightmares Abound in Anthology Film Galaxy of Horrors

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The genre fiends behind Toronto’s Little Terrors are at it again, adding another anthology film to a series that kicked off with the horror-centric Minutes Past Midnight. The new collection is called Galaxy of Horrors, and there’s a strong science fiction element in all of the shorts. Check out the trailer below.

The participating filmmakers are Todd Cobery, Javier Chillon, Richard Karpala, Andrew Desmond, Benni Diez, Marinko Spahic, Dennis Cabella, Marcello Ercole, Fabio Prati, and Antonio Padovan and Ethan Shaftel. After a limited theatrical release in early March, Galaxy of Horrors will hit VOD on March 7, then Blu-ray and DVD on May 2.


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Just watched the trailer, I noticed a part from “Flesh Computer” a 2014 short by Ethan Shaftel, who is listed as a collaborator. I wonder if he’s remaking it, or is this movie a compilation of older short films that didn’t get much exposure.