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Science Fiction Dream Job

The coolest job in the world for scifi archival geeks just opened up at Paul Allen's Science Fiction Museum, which is nestled at one shiny, gooey edge of Seattle's Music Experience Project. I was at the museum a couple of years ago, and it's seriously awesome: full of everything from rare pulp books, to collections of props and scifi art. BoingBoing reports that the job opening is for a "manager of interpretation," which I think might mean "talk about science fiction all day." [BoingBoing]


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Interpretation in a museum setting means connecting exhibits to people in a way that they can relate to and understand.

So... instead of saying "This is Captain Kirk's chair. It is five feet tall. It is made out of styrofoam and fiberglass..."

(which puts people to sleep)

You say instead: "How closely do you think this chair resembles a real space chair?" or "Have you ever dreamed up being a starship captain?" or "What do you think it takes to get command on a real starship?"

And you shape your conversations in similar fashions, engaging visitors, answering questions and asking them.

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