Scientists in Iowa may have tracked down the cause of male infertility... But are they going to use this discovery for good or evil? It may depend on your point of view.

The Independent reports that researchers at the University of Iowa may have identified a genetic fault that prevents sperm from getting through the outer membrane of an unfertilized egg. Tests on, bizarrely, families in Iran and mice in America have not only identified the gene, called CATSPER1, but also suggested that the gene controls the movement of the sperm as it approaches the egg. Scientists plan to divide and conquer when it comes to what to do with this discovery; while some research will be made into the realms of curing male infertility, the more exciting development for many is that this may finally allow the creation of a male contraceptive pill.


That sound you hear is the sound of many men grumbling at the prospect of having to take responsibility for preventing procreation for once.

Genetic clue may bring male Pill []