Apparently Boehner isn't alone. Turns out millions of other white, conservative men are skeptical of climate change science; and those who self-identify as having a firm understanding of global warming are even more prone towards climate change denial.

These findings, while perhaps not surprising, are among the results of one of the first studies to quantify scientifically what many have observed anecdotally for years.


The study, which was first released online back in July, was printed again in the October issue of the prestigious environmental journal Global Environmental Change, and is based on polling data on climate change denial from the last decade of Gallup Surveys.

Among the figures reported [Via Discover]

- 14% of the general public doesn't worry about climate change at all, but among CWMs the percentage jumps to 39%.
- 32% of adults deny there is a scientific consensus on climate change, but 59% of CWMs deny what the overwhelming majority of the world's scientists have said.
- 3 adults in 10 don't believe recent global temperature increases are primarily caused by human activity. Twice that many โ€“ 6 CWMs out of every ten โ€“ feel that way


Not surprisingly, the study has ruffled a few feathers.

"My worry is that [the paper] might suggest to people that there is something distinctive about the way conservatives and officially, conservative white men, deal with new information," said Donald Braman, associate professor of law at George Washinton University, who works on risk perception studies. "The truth is that those same cognitive mechanisms push all of our buttons."

You can read more about how the study was conducted, and the reactions it's incited in this article by Climate Wire's Julia Pyper, republished today by The New York Times.


[Global Environmental Change via The New York Times + Discover Magazine]