“I wanted to create something that would visually represent the way science is derived from nature,” said artist Kevin Dart. “I feel like you can’t deny scientific ideas if you believe in the world around you, because all science is based on observations made in that world.”

“Plus,” he continued, “I wanted to celebrate the immense beauty of nature and the incredible scientific accomplishments of mankind in trying to understand it all.”

Lofty ideas to be sure. But when you look at Dart’s work, it fits perfectly.

Dart, who is based in Texas and whose solo exhibit Science & Nature opens at Gallery 1988 East in Los Angeles, California Friday December 4, describes his work as “retro-modern graphic illustration” with inspirations that include Charley Harper, Alvin Lustin as well as lots of “old scientific books and magazines.” For this show though, Dart pretty much just went out into the world looking for beauty, then used his digital tools to create a ton of new work.

Here’s just a small sampling of the art in the show.

Nature & Science opens at 7 pm December 4 in Los Angeles, and will be online soon after at www.gallery1988.com. Head there for more information. And check out Dart’s Tumblr for more work.

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