Sci-Fi Writers of America Reject Amazon Over Macmillan Row

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Amazon's ill-considered game of chicken with Macmillan last weekend continues to backfire for the bookseller; now the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have gotten involved, delinking Amazon for "hurting authors."


In a statement earlier this week, the organization announced that it was removing Amazon links from their website, explaining:

Our authors depend on people buying their books and since a significant percentage of them publish through Macmillan or its subsidiaries, we would prefer to send traffic to stores where the books can actually be purchased... Our goal is to make sure that it is possible to order our members' fiction. Hurting authors to make a point about a publishing model is bad business, for anyone.


Authors whose books are only available through Amazon will keep their Amazon links.

While Amazon has started restocking selected Macmillan titles, it appears that eBooks are not included in those relisted yet.

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Frankly, authors can be a whiny lot. John Scalzi had a whole bunch of posts about how Macmillan was securing the future of authors and the publishing industry by preserving the price-inflated hardback and keeping the dastardly $10 ebook away. (No disrespect to Scalzi, love his books, but his attitude is just nuts.)

TechCrunch had a different perspective on the whole affair: [] ... and it's one I agree with. People are moving to ebooks AND expect lower prices (they just paid for a $400 eReader!), you can either give it to them or get run over by piracy/other innovative publishers, etc.