Sci Fi Goes Beyond In Search Of New Brand

Is the SciFi Channel about to call it a day and finally admit that it's giving up the sci fi label? That's the rumor going about these here internets after a fairly revealing question in what seemed like a rote online survey from the channel. Is the home of Stargate, Battlestar Galactica and, um, Extreme Championship Wrestling about to go one step Beyond?The story broke on the AV Science Forum, of all places, as message board poster "Buttabean" posted the following image from the end of a recent survey about the channel:


We've complained about the SciFi Channel not living up to its name before, but we always kind of saw the solution being to show more sci-fi on the channel, not to change the name of the channel. Especially to something as bland as "Beyond." Beyond what, exactly? Does this mean that the channel will be hosted by an omnipotent being from another dimension with a bad Michael Jackson haircut? If so, then not only are we onboard with the new name, we'll rename this site "" SCI-FI thinking of changing the name to Beyond [AVSforum]

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