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Neal McDonough, star of Sci Fi's Wizard Of Oz reboot mini-series Tin Man revealed that we've not seen the last of the kinky-gothy show. Talks are apparently happening to bring it back long-term.


At a press roundtable for the upcoming release of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, McDonough told reporters that SciFi is planning to bring Tin Man back as a regular series after it became the channel's most watched show ever last year:

Last year, I had the great fortune to play Wyatt Cain in Tin Man, that could have been my favorite performance of anything I've done. That was a character that was really close to me... I do enjoy playing villains, and I had a great run the last year or so doing it. I certainly would love to go back and visit a guy like Wyatt Cain, whteher its Tin Man the series, which wenve talked about, or just to explore the character [in some way.]


When asked whether a Tin Man series was a possibility, McDonough replied,

It is, yeah. Sci Fi and [producer] Robert Halmi are talking about it. We were going to start up when I got back from Street Fighter, and then [Desperate] Housewives came along, and we weren't ready yet. So I said, let's do some Housewives and let's see if we can get Tin Man done when I come back. It's definitely a possibility, they just talked about it a few days ago. They would like to do it.

Does this mean weekly Alan Cumming and Zooey Deschanel may be in our future? If so, we can't wait.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li comes out February 27.


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