Sci Fi Channel Wants To Return To Oz With Tin Man Series

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Neal McDonough, star of Sci Fi's Wizard Of Oz reboot mini-series Tin Man revealed that we've not seen the last of the kinky-gothy show. Talks are apparently happening to bring it back long-term.

At a press roundtable for the upcoming release of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, McDonough told reporters that SciFi is planning to bring Tin Man back as a regular series after it became the channel's most watched show ever last year:

Last year, I had the great fortune to play Wyatt Cain in Tin Man, that could have been my favorite performance of anything I've done. That was a character that was really close to me... I do enjoy playing villains, and I had a great run the last year or so doing it. I certainly would love to go back and visit a guy like Wyatt Cain, whteher its Tin Man the series, which wenve talked about, or just to explore the character [in some way.]


When asked whether a Tin Man series was a possibility, McDonough replied,

It is, yeah. Sci Fi and [producer] Robert Halmi are talking about it. We were going to start up when I got back from Street Fighter, and then [Desperate] Housewives came along, and we weren't ready yet. So I said, let's do some Housewives and let's see if we can get Tin Man done when I come back. It's definitely a possibility, they just talked about it a few days ago. They would like to do it.

Does this mean weekly Alan Cumming and Zooey Deschanel may be in our future? If so, we can't wait.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li comes out February 27.


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The best part of Tin Man was the setting. There were plenty of unique twists on the theme, and the setting looked very rich and alive. Given more time to develop the characters and places of the O.Z. this might not suck so bad.

I mean, the miniseries wasn't terrible or great, but it had promise.