Sci Fi Channel To Take Over The World

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It seems that Sci Fi isn't just for television anymore, if the recent move by the Sci Fi Channel to "reach beyond the television screen to become a total global lifestyle brand" is anything to go by. The people behind the Sci Fi Channel have announced the formation of Sci Fi Ventures, a new business plan that intends to invade every aspect of your everyday life.


Some of Sci Fi Ventures plans are already in motion, such as their co-branded Sci Fi/Virgin Comics and the revitalization of, which had previously acted as the online hub for the Sci Fi Channel (Their news section, Sci Fi Wire, will spin out to its own site by year's end). But according to this weekend's announcement, they're not stopping with what you read and what you watch. Sci Fi's president, Dave Howe, explained the move:

SCI FI Ventures is a major initiative that demonstrates our commitment to building businesses and driving maximum value around the unique relationship we have with our audience... The SCI FI brand's deep connection with its consumers - comprised chiefly of trend-setting innovators - proves that SCI FI has the power and the imagination to reach beyond the television screen to become a total global lifestyle brand.

On the one hand, thanks very much for calling us "trend-setting innovators". On the other, does anyone really think that trend-setting innovators will fall for something like "Sci Fi Gear"?:

Working with licensing agency BrandSense, SCI FI Ventures will develop, produce and market licensed product lines for SCI FI's passionate consumer base in retail and on-line. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Brand Sense Partners, LLC was founded by Brian France, Chairman & CEO of NASCAR. Their high profile clients include Britney Spears, Halle Berry, and Magic Johnson Enterprises.

That's right; the people behind the most popular celebrities of four years ago (at least) are ready to tell you what to wear.

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Chris Braak

What I like most about clothes is when there's some kind of logo on them with that little (TM) symbol next to it. Like if there was a little thing that looked like Saturn, or a picture of Bruce Campbell's face, and then it said (TM)!

That would be awesome. I wonder if they're going to have branded coffee cups and shoes and hats? Oh, man, I could get someone else's trademark on basically everything in my house!

That would be so sweet.