Sci Fi Channel Remakes Waterworld

Rising sea levels drive the remnants of humanity to live in the last remaining habitable land masses on Earth in Lost City Raiders, the Sci Fi Channel's $6.4 million tribute to Kevin Costner's Waterworld. Two groups survive the flooding of the Earth: the poor, who huddle in near-starvation, and the rich, who survived (or engineered) the disaster and now live in artificial islands. But a third group, the Lost City Raiders, searches the flooded remains of cities for treasures in their high-tech submarines. Until one day, the Vatican orders them to find the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. But evil forces are seeking it too. [C21 Media]

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Charlie Jane Anders

@DocGratis: The point of the link is that we're nice people and we acknowledge our sources... actually in some cases the link may be helpful, but then sometimes it's just a courtesy thing. Like in this case.