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If "Justice League meets Desperate Housewives" sounds like your ideal TV show, then you're obviously the Sci Fi Channel's main target market. For everybody else, maybe the Sci Fi Channel's latest collaboration with Virgin Comics, a comic about superheroes' naughty wives (and husbands?) in the suburbs, won't be as daft as it sounds.


Superbia is a comic about Woodshire Village, a suburban "residential community" for superheroes, with "easy commutes to all major crime scenes. And when the heroes are away, the spouses will play." (Yes, that's an actual quote.) But the stay-at-home spouses won't just be fooling around — they'll also be solving suburban crimes and ensuring the safety of their little enclave. The comic's written by Lisa Klink (Star Trek: Voyager) and Jordan Gorfinkel (formerly with DC Comics). The first Sci Fi/Virgin comic-book collaboration, The Stranded, is already being developed as a TV series, so Superbia may not be far behind. [VFXWorld]


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