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Schizophrenic Jekyll Movies From The Same Studio?

Illustration for article titled Schizophrenic Jekyll Movies From The Same Studio?

Two different movies based on the classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are in pre-production, but oddly enough, both versions are coming from the same studio. Are we heading for a schizophrenic showdown?


Hollywood Reporter has announced that Keanu Reeves is attached to an upcoming movie called Jekyll, scripted by Justin Haythe, writer of recent Sam Mendes movie Revolutionary Road. Details about the movie - including whether or not it's connected to Stephen Moffat's BBC TV show of the same name - haven't been released, but this is the second movie based on Robert Louis Stephenson's novel in the works at Universal; the studio is also working on an adaptation from Guillermo del Toro that's said to be "more faithful" to the original source. That movie, however, is way down the priority list for the in-demand director (First comes his Hobbit project with Peter Jackson, and then another couple of movies with Universal), meaning that there's every chance that the Keanu version can come, flop, and be forgotten about before del Toro's version even gets filmed.

Of course, if Jekyll is enough of a hit to start a franchise, then Universal may have more of a problem on its hands. Expect Jekyll to hit screens late 2010, early 2011.


Keanu Reeves in for new 'Jekyll' [Hollywood Reporter]

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For some reason, io9 editors seemed fixated on the idea that schizophrenia means having multiple personalities. Charlie did the same thing when talking about mentally ill superheroes last week. Schizophrenia is defined as constellation of symptoms including delusions, magical thinking, paranoia and a loss of emotional response. What you're thinking of used to be called multiple personality disorder, now named "dissasociative identity disorder", which really only involves a person believing he or she is more than one person. Mr. Hyde's rather violent personality would be something else entirely; known as antisocial personality disorder, it describes the violent, empathy lacking figures often referred to broadly as "sociopaths" or "psychopaths". None of the three conditions have any relation to each other.