We're waiting to see how Game of Thrones will bring the second half of A Storm of Swords to television life, but many artists have already put their own visual spin on events we'll see in Season 4. See how they have interpreted the story's major events before we see them on screen. Huge, major spoilers below.

Seriously, if you haven't read the books and don't know what is coming in the next season of Game of Thrones, I implore you to turn away. The images and the text below contain merciless spoilers involving deaths, battles, marriages, and more from A Storm of Swords. You have been warned.

Scroll down for spoilers.








Alright? Everyone who is still here wants to see what's ahead for our characters? Then let's get started.


Kay Huang creates a frightening portrait of Lady Stoneheart, showing how the resurrected Lady Stark has been twisted by her violent death into an avatar of vengeance:

Conor Campbell illustrates the joyous occasion that is the Purple Wedding of King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell, with all of the accusations thrown in one direction:

The fifth episode of Season 4 is titled "The First of His Name," which would seem to refer our new king. Hogan McLaughlin hails King Tommen Baratheon and Ser Pounce:

While Joe Harty has a more adorable take on our new king:

Harty has tons of fun, cartoonish Game of Thrones art in his deviantART gallery, by the way. Go check it out!


Joffrey's death of course requires a trial by combat, and several artists have put their talents toward the battle between the Red Viper and the Mountain. John Picacio has limited edition prints of his take on the duel in his shop:

Jeff McComsey has drawn a six page comic adapting the battle. You can read the whole thing on his website, and he has the original pages available in his Etsy shop.

And animator Pedro Henb sketches up a moment that emphasizes the difference not just in the fighters' sizes, but also their movements:

We also have an upcoming episode titled "Oathkeeper," and Jasna (who goes by nejna on deviantART) draws Brienne, Jaime, and the blade of Valyrian steel:

Next, let's head over to the Eyrie with Sansa. Magdalena (bubug on deviantART) draws Sansa reflecting on the snow, and the godswood where weirwood wouldn't grow:

Magdalena also has tons of A Song of Ice and Fire art that is both lovely and funny. For one thing, she cast Arya and the Hound in a scene from Our Neighbor Totoro.

And then there's that lovely scene where Sansa builds a snow castle that she imagines as Winterfell, as interpreted by akizhao:

And Melanie Bourgeois:

And Michael Komarck, who painted this for the 2009 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar:

Oh, and then there's...that kiss. Wavesheep's Sansa looks intrigued:

While melliMEL's is more hesitant:

We've seen Meereen in the trailers for Season 4, but here's how it looks under siege in Fantasy Flight Games' A Game of Thrones card game, painted by Ignacio Lazcano:

Another battle will be raging on the Wall. Jimmy Martinez sweetly reunites Jon Snow with Ghost:

M.Luisa Giliberti illustrates the Night's Watch fighting for Castle Black:

And Fantasy Flight Games has also portrayed Stannis' reinforcements arriving at the Wall, illustrated by Tomasz Jedruszek:

And Jenny Dolfen stirs up a sense of heroism and loyalty in this piece, titled "The Wall is yours, Jon Snow":

Now, for a moment, let's turn back to King's Landing, where life has turned tragic for Tyrion. Gary Gianni painted a mournful Tyrion and his deadly crossbow for the A Song of Ice and Fire 2014 Calendar (for a better quality image, you'll have to check out the actual calendar):

If that leaves you heartbroken, then bicapop offers a more lighthearted image of the ignominious death of Tywin Lannister: