"Scary Movie" Crew Will Destroy Our Genre

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From the genius minds that gave us Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, comes Sci-Fi Movie, supposedly coming next February. There isn't much out there yet, but I'm going to go ahead and hazard a guess that the plot consists of alien fart jokes, Star Wars sex jokes, robot sex/farting jokes, a lot of handycam monster cracks and alien boob shots a la Total Recall. We don't know who's directing this movie just yet, but if history repeats itself, we suspect Craig Mazin (director of Superhero Movie and writer forScary Movie 3&4) will be the guilty party. And a recent interview with Mazin gives some clues as to what direction he'd take Sci-Fi Movie in.


In an interview with Mania.com Craig Mazin explained his frustration with being forced to cram so many different movie spoofs and motifs into the two Scary Movie films he worked on. So when he worked on Superhero Movie, he chose one coherent storyline to follow (with moments of outside movie spoofs). Mazin pointed to Airplane! as his inspiration because even though it seemed like there were many movies spoofed in that comedy classic, it was actually a specific parody of the film Zero Hour. He also proclaims his love for Star Wars and Joseph Campbell, and his disgust for Zan of the Wonder Twins.

So if he keeps up with this formula Sci-Fi movie could follow one particular science fiction story and spoof it from beginning to end. Any thoughts on what that movie should be? (If it has to be anything at all.) [Film-Releases]

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Chris Braak

He should spoof Star Wars. They could get a little guy with a big black helmet pretending to be Darth Vader, and a fat guy dressed up as a half-man, half-dog instead of Chewbacca.

You'd have to give it some kind of crazy name, though. I don't know. Star Balls? Space Wars? Something.