Scarlett Johansson Becomes Superpowered And Kills Everyone, In Lucy

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Forget a Black Widow movie — Luc Besson just has made a totally insane ass kicking spectacle called Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson as an all powerful superhero. We've seen a few minutes of footage, and so far, so good.


At Universal's presentation of CinemaCon, the studio screened a whole collection of pretty spectacular films. One exciting standout (besides Angelina Jolie's biopic Unbroken) was Luc Besson's Lucy. Penned by the director himself, the movie centers around Johansson (a woman forced to become a drug mule) who becomes exposed to the drugs she was carrying, and gains superpowers. The whole thing was fast, fast, fast and gorgeous. Lots and lots of colors, gorgeous colors, from ScarJo's blonde locks to her cheetah-print coat. What we saw was hyper stylized to feel like a comic book movie. It had a very Kick-Ass feeling to it.

The actual origin story to Lucy's powers happens quickly and painfully. She's abducted and a bag of white powder is stitched into her stomach (against her will). Then something goes wrong and the next thing you know a gang of Chinese men are beating the ever-loving shit out of her. The camera cuts to inside Lucy's body, running along her veins (Three Kings style but less organic) and the the bag breaks from all the kicking. She starts to change.

The drugs travel through her system, transforming her into an ass-kicking machine. She's thrown into prison, and all the while she's changing. There's close up shot on her eye, everytime she blinks, her eyeball changes color. She's different.

In walks trouble — a large dude who approaches her like shit is about to go down. And go down it does. She whoops his ass, grabs his belt and uses it Indiana Jones style, but only way more aggressive. Lucy gets into the prison hallway, where there are a handful of guards outside, she turns and says "Hey," and then bang bang bang, she guns them all down.

Cut to outside the hideout, Lucy sees two drivers. She approaches them both, "You speak English?" "No!" *BANG* she shoots him in the head. Turns to the other driver, "You speak English?" "Yes." "OK, take me to the hospital."

"Somebody put a bag of drugs inside of me I need you to take it out. It's leaking."


Enter a Morgan Freeman voiceover: "It is estimated that most human beings only use 10% of their brain's capacity… imagine if we could use all of it. Things would get interesting." He's talking to a class in a big, beautiful college auditorium.

Lucy contacts Morgan Freeman's character Professor Norman. She's clicking though her computer a mile a minute, eating the information up in the classic "human computer" trope. It's great. She tells the Professor that she's read all of his studies on the human brain. And that they are "elementary," but he knows what he's talking about. This is how their relationship starts.


Lucy is totally emotionless. "I can feel everything." That's a good action trade off, that I'm totally OK with. Things start to get weird, Lucy looks at her arm and sees three versions of her same hand bending around in the air. She's starting to see things differently.

A young woman hugs Lucy (a friend) and asks, " Since when did you start writing in Chinese?" Lucy, responds "since an hour ago."


Her powers are growing, it looks like Lucy wants revenge on the mob that got her in this spot in the first situation. She pulls up into a car and can see everyone on their phone, they have colored streams running from the phone to the sky, she is literally looking at the conversations people are having in the air. She pulls one out, expands it, and reads the conversation.

Morgan Freeman's voice returns and addresses Lucy's growing change, "All this knowledge... I'm not even sure mankind if ready for this."


Cut to Lucy storming a skyscraper, she puts on a pair of sunglasses and mentally changes her hair color from blonde to black. Things only get crazier, the previously mentioned friend hugs Lucy, and Lucy can see her skeleton, and nervous system.

Lucy appears in a Times Square-like metropolitan center. She lifts up her hands and stops time, then she swipes to the left (tinder style) and fast forwards time. She's basically an omnipotent being at this point.The whole thing ends with our main character in a hallway, she's surrounded by a ton of thugs all pointing guns at her. The guy in the middle tells her to stop. She waves her hands, and everyone falls to the ground around him. He's alone, she attacks.


So there you have it, there is A LOT going on in this movie. A LOT. Visualized wireless conversations, interior body shots, shootings and ass kickings. Lucy looks completely insane, but maybe that's a good thing? Either way we're happy to see a woman superhero who doesn't give a shit (even if it's drug induced) and just kills everyone!


The secret ingredient is phone

Enter a Morgan Freeman voiceover: "It is estimated that most human beings only use 10% of their brain's capacity… imagine if we could use all of it. Things would get interesting."

Ahhhh I hate that stupid myth! This sounds fun but I'm going to have to work past that stupid falsity being the macguffin for her powers.