ScarJo's Secret Sexy Past Revealed In Year One Comic

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If you like what you've seen of Scarlett Johanssen's Black Widow from Iron Man 2 so far, Marvel has your future needs covered: Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell will be telling her back story in Black Widow: Year One.


The new series, announced in yesterday's LA Times, takes the character back in more ways than one. Not only does artist Tom Raney get to bring the character's look back to her classic 1970s look - unsurprisingly, the same one the character sports in Iron Man 2 - but Cornell also will be revisiting the Widow's past to remake her into something much closer than her namesake, as he told Comic Book Resources:

The plot connects back to all these different times in her life, as she tries to save everyone she ever kissed from something deadly. A real Black Widow's curse... She's not defined by the men in her past. They all, to some extent, are defined by her, and now possibly fatally. It's about the past coming after Natalia seeking revenge, and the present not being able to do a thing about it. So she's on her own. And that's fine, because she's never seen herself as being anything else.

Black Widow: Year One launches in November.

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DISCUSSION this in Marvel continuity? Because if it screws up Bucky/The Winter Soldier, I'm going to be a bit bummed. That was one of the best touches Brubaker put in when he used the character.