When it comes to the apocalypse, we can deal with zombies, face-melting plagues, or cannibal hordes. But a world overrun entirely by dancing hippies? Get us out of here!

In Roger Corman's GAS-S-S-S, Or It Became Necessary To Destroy The World In Order To Save It, the military releases a gas that kills everyone over the age of 25. The result? A bongo-bruising hippie dance party, and a movie you really need to be on hash to appreciate. What do you do when all the old farts are dead? Have a crazy rave party, with freaky shapes, at a drive-in theater... featuring Country Joe And The Fish!


Nooooo! Make it stop!

I love how in apocalyptic movies, the roads are always clogged with derelict cars. It never fails:

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