Never mind the (latest) world-threatening disaster to come from Oregon's favorite town of geniuses; last night's season finale of Eureka offered enough character (and heart) to make sure you'd miss it until it comes back next year.

Actually, never mind that "never mind" - the threat at the heart of "What Goes Around, Comes Around" was one that made sense, had a resolution that wasn't too out of nowhere (Although I'm not sure about the "The magnetic fields are knocking out all technology! Except for when it's not!" thing, but that's really just quibbling) and didn't distract from (in fact, grew out of) the one of the two real points of the episode - Zoe leaving the city, and the series, to go to Harvard (Of course, I was as upset as you were that Zoe didn't really explode in the swimming pool, as the trailer had teased, but Harvard is far enough away that I don't think I need to worry about her coming back anytime soon).


It was a nice way to go for the season finale, to center an episode around Sheriff Carter losing the two women in his life, for various reasons; Tess leaves for Australia and a new job, and Zoe for Harvard (Although there must've been some odd time-jump at the end of the episode for both things to happen; wasn't Zoe not going to leave until next semester, at the start?), and instead of dealing with either, he throws himself into his job, of course - Only for his job to lead him back to both women, with the magnetic disturbance having been accidentally created by Zoe's boyfriend, upset by her leaving, and requiring his body to be remote controlled by Tess in order to fix everything (allowing Colin Ferguson a chance to show off some awesome moves along the way. Get that man on Dancing With The Stars immediately).

It was also nice to see a hopefully-not-temporary change in Fargo - Grabbing life (and his new girlfriend) with both hands after the latest near-death experience. All we needed to make the episode complete would've been for Henry and Jo to have done something other than their traditional expositionary duties... Maybe next season. For now, though, I'm curious to see whether the show's creators follow through on their tease about Tess and Carter's long distance romance - Surely someone can create a quicker way to get from Eureka to Australia considering all the experiments going on in the town? Although, now that Jamie Ray Newman is starring in new show Eastwick, maybe not - and whether or not the next season will follow through on Carter's "Some changes can be good" line that pretty much closed the show. This season was uneven, and weirdly paced (not helped by splitting it in two with such a long gap between the runs), but when the show was good, it offered something that many sci-fi (and Syfy) shows don't: Humor and heart. It'd be nice to see if they can keep that up and build on it next year.