The French are staging an invasion of their own. Luckily, there’s no Napoleon threatening our shores; instead, it’s the French comics market that has just conquered Comixology, bringing over 150 French series from independent comics publisher Delcourt over the course of the next year.

The series include The Curse of the Wendigo illustrated by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard; Spin Angels, about a black ops group run by the Vatican; Come Prima, a story about a road trip taken by two brothers after their father’s death; Josephine, a comedy about a woman who mess up her relationships, both romantic and professional, and many more. You can get more details and learn about some of the other series being imported here.

However! We have an exclusive preview of the strange scifi comics Prometheé—yes, as in Prometheus, the Greek god who gave man fire—written and illustrated by Christophe Bec. The comic details the strange events that occur around the world at precisely 1:13 pm around the world—and keeps happening, exactly at the same time, for the next 13 days.All the clocks in the world, digital and otherwise, stop for hours. Ships that have disappeared through history reappear. And something goes awry with the launch of the space shuttle...


Obviously, the story off the shuttle doesn’t end there—let’s take a quick peek at what the future holds in this unlettered page from Prometheé #2, when the shuttle somehow comes back to Earth, shall we?


I’ve read issue #2, and I want to tell you that this bloodbath is somehow not the weirdest thing about the shuttle’s mysterious return.

Prometheé #1 is available on Comixology today, as are several other French comics. Go check ‘em out!


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