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Sawyer Would Let You Beat Him Up

Illustration for article titled Sawyer Would Let You Beat Him Up

British comedian Iain Lee visited the set of ABC's Lost, discovering a world of obscene costumes and mean directors. Video includes spoilers, but the biggest surprise is how laid-back Josh Holloway is about semi-naked tussling.


And Lee also made a featurette about the new season, including interviews:



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Jack B. Quick

I can't believe this is what I'm commenting on, but according to the source:

"So, alright, hello and welcome to my channel (:

My name is Julia and Im 14 years old.

I live in a country called Ireland (the one besides Britain, you know), though I was actually born in Sweden (the one in between Norway and Finland, above Germany on the map?) and lived there until almost two years ago."

I think that must be the weirdest source you've found yet, Charlie. Much more disturbing than semi-naked tussling.