Sawyer And Desmond, Your New All-Out, Bare-Knuckle Action Heroes

If you think this week's two-part Lost season opener will be bizarre, just wait until next week. The season's third episode has already screened for critics, who reported a surprising absence. Spoilers follow.

It turns out the third episode of Lost season five does not feature any of the Oceanic Six at all, according to Kristin at E! Online.


Also, the episode's title,"Jughead," refers to a thing, not a person — and there may be a scene where you wonder if a character came back for his/her bong. One islander declares his love, and the object of that love, sitting next to him, is "surprisingly elated." Charles Widmore turns up three times, each more surprising than the last. Also, in this episode, Desmond kicks ass and takes names — even as he fails to achieve his goals. And two new foreign languages are used (with wacky subtitles) in the episode.

Also in episode three: someone says "You're in my life now — you and Charlie." And a major character may die at the end of the episode. says EW's Michael Ausiello.

Want a glimpse of the danger the islanders are in in episode three? Here it is, via EW:


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