Adam Savage and Chris Hadfield Go Incognito At Comic Con...As Astronauts

Mythbuster’s Adam Savage is known for his fantastic prop building skills and love of costumes. This year, he raised the bar—with a real astronaut, in an astronaut costume


Traditionally, Savage been known to play a game at San Diego Comic Con: Adam Incognito, seeing how long he can go without being recognized. In years past, he’s gone as a Mercury Astronaut and as one of the Nostromo’s crew. This year, he assembled a spacesuit from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Knowing that he would quickly be recognized by himself, he enlisted some help from none other than astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hadfield admitted it was his first time in a fake space suit, and his first time at San Diego Comic Con.

Hadfield and Savage seem to be buddies, chatting back and forth on Twitter, such as last month when they were chatting about the upcoming Martian movie:

The pair donned their suits, which featured their own cooling units, and screen-accurate lunch boxes. The bar has been raised.



Saw this earlier. Looked like he and Alton Brown were having some fun.